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Our Mission

New Century Health Publishers, LLC (NCHP) is a privately owned company with primary mission to publish review and research journals of recognized and lasting merit that are relevant to Nutrition & Health. Publication categories may include Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods & Drinks, Pet Nutrition, GMOs, Food policy, and life style-related diseases - Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Diseases. .

Our Vision

"Considering proliferation of for-profit predatory journals and publishers during the last several years, New Century Health Publishers has a very important role to play. To provide access of our journals to libraries from low-income and lower income countries as defined by World Bank Income data (July 2016), the subscription rate for these countries will be free to 50% of regular rate, plus shipping and handling fee. Authors from low-income and lower income countries will be able publish their work at free to 50% of regular rate".