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Terms and Conditions

Advertisements are placed at the inside only of front cover and inside as well as outside of back cover of these journals. Additional pages are added to at the end of each issue to accommodate advertisements and their exposure as necessary.

The following principles are applied by the “publisher” in determining the eligibility of products and services for advertising in its scientific publications. The “publisher” will sell advertising space in its publications when in the determination of the “publisher” the inclusion of the advertisement does not interfere with the purpose of the publication and the advertisement is not adverse to the “publisher’s” policies, standards, positions, or principles.

“New Century Health Publishers, LLC (called “publisher” hereafter) is the publisher of Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research and International Journal of Probiotics and Prebiotics (herein "these journals"). ”

Products must conform to commonly accepted standards when available. They must be in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws, and they must meet applicable FDA regulations and FTC requirements. Adherence to legal and regulatory requirements concerning the content of advertising is the manufacturer’s/advertiser’s (not publisher’s) responsibility. Statements about and illustrations of all products must be in accordance with professional standards. They must not be deceptive or misleading by either statement or omission, must not disparage a competitor’s product, and must not make unsupported claims. Vague statements or endorsements by individuals are unacceptable.

The appearance of an advertisement in “publisher’s” publication is neither a “publisher” guarantee nor endorsement of the product or service or the claims for the product or service made by the advertiser. Companies may not refer to an appearance of an advertisement for their product in a “publisher” publication in any other advertising or promotion. The “publisher’s” name may not be used in any advertisement without prior approval. However, footnote citations of scientific papers or statements published in these journals may be made in the customary manner.

Advertising copy must meet the following requirements:

1.The advertisement must clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered.
2. Layout, artwork, and format must be designed so that the ad cannot be confused with the editorial content of the publication. The word “advertisement” may be required.
3. Advertisements must not be deceptive or misleading, either by affirmative statement or omission.